Title:  Sr. Sales Executive


As a senior sales executive for cooking cream, your primary responsibilities would involve driving sales of your company's cooking cream products through various channels. Here's a breakdown of what your role might entail:

  1. Market Analysis: Continuously assess market trends, consumer preferences, and competitor activities related to cooking cream products. This analysis will help you identify opportunities for growth and areas where your products can excel.

  2. Developing Sales Strategies: Based on market analysis, develop effective sales strategies to promote and sell your cooking cream products. This might involve pricing strategies, promotional activities, and distribution channel optimization.

  3. Building and Maintaining Relationships: Cultivate strong relationships with key clients. Regularly engage with them to understand their needs and ensure your products meet their requirements.

  4. Sales Presentations and Negotiations: Prepare compelling sales presentations to pitch your cooking cream products to potential clients. Negotiate contracts and agreements to secure deals that are beneficial for both your company and the client.

  5. Sales Team Management (if applicable): If you have a sales team reporting to you, provide leadership, guidance, and support to ensure they are effectively executing sales strategies and meeting targets.

  6. Monitor Sales Performance: Track sales performance metrics, such as revenue, market share, and customer satisfaction. Analyze data to identify areas of improvement and adjust strategies accordingly.

  7. Product Training and Support: Educate clients and sales team members about the features, benefits, and uses of your Pristine  products. Provide support and troubleshooting assistance as needed.

  8. Stay Updated: Stay informed about industry developments, new product innovations, and emerging trends in cooking cream and related food categories. This knowledge will help you stay ahead of the competition and adapt your strategies accordingly.

Overall, your goal is to drive sales growth, increase market share, and establish your company's cooking cream products as preferred choices among consumers and businesses alike.

Business Unit:  Pristine India (PIPL)
Business Group:  Pristine India (PIPL)