Title:  Executive-Planning


Job Summary

To direct the demand planning to ensure the maximum use of available stocks consistent with efficiency, safety and profitability.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Demand planner is the main point of contact between the demand side and supply side. All communication from the demand side (primarily sales, category marketing, trade marketing etc.) to the supply side (Supply Planner, manufacturing, BU scheduler, etc.) must be channeled through the demand planner.
  • The demand planner needs to understand all aspects of demand forecasting including having a thorough understanding of the markets that IFFCO operates within
  • Demand planner is responsible for managing the demand forecasting process that is the foundation for the development of highly accurate forecasts. Demand planner facilitates the generation of detailed product mix forecasts and captures and documents demand plan assumptions, risks, and opportunities
  • With Demantra being the demand planning tool of choice, the Demand Planner must utilize Demantra for preparing baseline forecasts and for capturing any ‘lift’ data. Maintaining the Demantra planning tool, including maintaining accurate planning data, is a fundamental responsibility
  • Facilitates the Demand Review meeting, the monthly meeting where head of sales, head of marketing, head of finance and Demand Planner will arrive at the unconstrained consensus forecast for the category. Demand Planner will be responsible for preparing all required documentation and analyses for the demand review meeting to be a forum for meaningful and realistic forecasting decisions.
  • Assist in facilitating the monthly S&OP cycle including Demand Reviews, Pre-S&OP and the executive S&OP meeting where the CEO, head of sales, head of marketing, head of finance and other senior management will sign off the demand and supply plans. The Demand Planner facilitates preparation of required documents and analysis for the S&OP planning cycle
  • Demand Planner communicates detailed sales forecast to supply planning team and works closely with supply planning team to resolve issues and decide on tradeoffs
  • Demand Planner identifies and manages abnormal demand – any demand that is large and unexpected and could be difficult to fulfill. Demand Planner will work closely with sales and supply chain to find ways to fulfill the demand as well as understand how such demand can be better anticipated
  • Review the sales forecast against actual sales and provide recommendation to supply planning for any changes required
  • Monitor actual sales against forecast – analyze the mean absolute percentage error to understand and correct any root causes for items with low forecast accuracy. This is a continuous improvement process
  • The demand manager is expected to review the product portfolio and stocks to recommend portfolio rationalization as well as highlight expiry risks and develop liquidation plans with the sales team
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of various promotions and helping the Sales and Marketing teams in designing effective promotions
  • Work with Sales, Marketing and other relevant teams on New Product launches


  • Sales forecast accuracy (MAPE) and forecast bias
  • Inventory level (days of finished goods inventory)
  • Non-moving inventory (% value of non-moving inventory)
  • Inventory obsolescence (% value of obsolete inventory)

Work experience requirement

  • 3 – 5 years of experience in supply chain in reputed firms.
  • Experience in FMCG companies will be preferred. At least 2 years of experience in demand planning.


  • Graduate of Business Administration/ Logistics & Trade / International Business and Trade
  • Preferably MBA in supply chain


Capacity Planning and Operational Efficiencies
Production Planning
Production Quality Control and Procurement Processes
Schedule Management
Inventory management
Self and Team Management
Change Management
Planning & Decision Making
Strategic Thinking
Ownership & Result Orientation
Business Unit:  S&D(UAE) (374)
Business Group:  S&D(GCC) (240)