Title:  Associate Manager-Supply Chain


Job Summary

The Supply Chain Manager is responsible for overseeing and optimizing all aspects of the supply chain process, from sourcing raw materials to delivering finished food products to customers. Their primary focus is to ensure the timely, cost-effective, and safe movement of food & related items while adhering to strict quality and safety standards.

Roles & Responsibilities

Supply Chain Planning:
Develop and execute supply chain strategies that align with production goals, quality standards, and customer demands.
Collaborate with cross-functional teams to forecast demand and plan production and inventory levels.
Establish contingency plans to address potential disruptions, such as supply shortages or recalls.
Procurement and Supplier Management:
Source and select reliable suppliers for raw materials and packaging IMSC materials (Indirect Material and Services Cat).
Negotiate contracts, terms, and pricing with suppliers, focusing on quality and food safety.
Monitor supplier performance, conduct audits, and ensure compliance with food safety regulations.
Quality and Food Safety:
Implement and maintain rigorous quality control and food safety processes throughout the supply chain.
Oversee compliance with industry-specific standards and regulations, such as HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and FDA regulations.
Manage product recalls and corrective action plans, if necessary.
Ensure that all incoming materials match approved specifications.
In case of any Non-Conformance against the vendors, proactively get the NC closed and rejected material returned. Any negative financial impact, due to NC, should be addressed, proactively.
Inventory Management:
Develop inventory control strategies to minimize write offs, stockouts, and overstock situations, impacting Working Capital.
Implement FIFO/FEFO and other inventory management practices specific to the food industry.
Production and Operations Management:
Coordinate production schedules to meet customer demands while ensuring product quality and safety.
Optimize production processes for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
Collaborate with the production team to address issues and continuously improve operations.
Distribution and Logistics:
Manage transportation, warehousing, and distribution of food products.
Optimize logistics networks to ensure on-time deliveries and minimize transportation costs.
Ensure compliance with temperature and handling requirements for perishable goods.
Cost Control:
Analyze supply chain costs, identify cost-saving opportunities, and manage the supply chain budget effectively.
Regulatory Compliance:
Stay updated on food safety regulations and ensure the organization's compliance.
Work with regulatory agencies and conduct internal audits to maintain certifications and approvals.
Team Leadership:
Lead and develop a team of supply chain professionals, providing guidance and coaching.
Foster a culture of food safety, quality, and continuous improvement within the department.
Customer Service:
Ensure that all customers are serviced effectively and efficiently, within the agreed LT.
Timely updates to customers, until consignment delivery.


Contribute and lead AOP
Establish and achieve business and profit objectives as well as market shares in each region. 

Work experience requirement

5 or more years in a managerial role within Food scope. Similar field of work and industry – Dairy is preferred.
Proficiency in SAP (ERP) & supply chain software.


Bachelor's degree in supply chain management, or a related field (Master's degree is a plus).
In-depth knowledge of food safety regulations and quality management systems.
Arabic Speaker is must.

Functional Competencies

Strategic Thinking 
Strong leadership skills and people management 
Ownership and Accountability
Results / achievement orientation
Strong analytical skills
Excellent communication skills
Excellent project and time management
Problem solving to take necessary steps to overcome 
Agile, flexible and digitally savvy

Leadership Competencies

Passionate sustainability

Entrepreneurial and able to think ‘outside the box’
Self-driven and pro-active 
Change Management 

Ability to collaborate cross-functionally and network (internally & externally)
Demonstrate a positive and committed attitude
Ability to plan and organize workload to achieve demanding deadlines
Highly motivated team player

Business Unit:  NABATAT (6001)